EV Chargers

EV Charging

With more and more electric cars now on the roads and the UK's charging point infrastructure getting bigger and bigger Peak Venues are now able to offer this facility at some of our properties. Here at Peak Venues we want to make your stay as stress free as we can, so having installed 7kw charging points which will give you approximately up to 30 miles charging range per hour and depending on the battery size of the car, a 7kw charger will take between 3-7 hours to recharge.  This can all be done at your own convenience throughout your stay and will hopefully ease any worries about getting around to explore the wonderful Peak District.

The following properties have a designated EV charging point:

Properties with EV charging points

Locations of EV Charging Points

Our 7kw electric charging points are all easily accessible with clear instructions as to how to operate. Please note there is a charge to use them and the app that you can download will highlight this.

Please find the locations for the chargers (we do ask you to please provide your own cable):

Lapwing Barns - there are 2 on site one is located at the gable end of the main building and the other is on the annexe

The Grange at Hurdlow- next to the side door (main entrance) to the property

The Pigsty at Hurdlow - on the side of the property

The Telephone Exchange - to the left hand side of the main entrance

Holly Bush Farm - there are 2 on site one to the front and one to the rear of the small building opposite The Barn

Manifold Farmhouse - to the rear of the property

Manifold Barn - on the outbuilding wall in the courtyard

The Crewe and Harpur - there are 2 on site and both are to the rear of Etwell Cottage

Sydnope Hill Farm - to the side of the garage

Buxton Lodge - to the far left hand side of the front door

The Green Man - next to the side entrance door

Redhurst Barn - to the rear of the property

Millstone Barn - to the left hand side of the property on the wall in front of the lattice fence and black gate leading to the back garden

Cliff House - to the right hand side of the main front entrance

Dale House - to the right hand side of the games room entrance in the car park area

For reasons of both safety and property insurance, under no circumstances should you use the domestic plug sockets in the property to charge an electric vehicle. Our domestic supply in the property does not have the capacity or set up to support EV charging. Please follow this link for further local charging stations