Hot Tub Guide

Good to Know before you arrive

  • Please bring any flipflops/ suitable outdoor shoes to protect your feet in the grounds and ensure no debris enters the hot tub whilst you relax. 
  • Please bring extra towels and any dressing gowns that you will need to keep you warm and dry whilst enjoying the hot tub. 
  • We politely ask that you do not use the towels provided in the house for drying after using the hot tub. 
  • For hygiene reasons, we recommend that you shower before using the hot tub.
  • This is an all-natural wood burning hot tub, there is no need to add any chemicals.
  • We recommend using the Boot Room door to access the hot tub area and reduce any risks from slipping or tripping when wet upon your return to the house.
  • We suggest that the hot tub is not used by pregnant women in accordance with NHS guidelines.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated whilst using a hot tub.
  • For hygiene reasons, we suggest the maximum usage time of the water is 5 hours.
  • The British Heart Foundation states: ‘If you have a heart condition or have high blood pressure, it is generally advisable not to use wood fired hot tubs as sudden changes in temperature can put extra strain on your heart and circulation’.
  • The hot tub is situated in a secluded area of the garden, in a natural environment approximately 20 meters away from the property.
  • Please be reminded that there is a no loud noise policy after 10pm.
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control and adverse weather causing frozen water. Where we are unable to get the hot tub working, you will be refunded £300.
  • The water level in the hot tub must ALWAYS be above the HOT water outlet (highest chrome inlet) BEFORE any fire is lit or damage to the boiler will occur. 
  • Once you have finished bathing, please can you remove the plug to drain ONLY if the fire is completely out. If in doubt, please remove the plug when you are certain that the fire is out as the boiler will be damaged if there is no water to heat. You will be charged £800 if the boiler is damaged due to a fire being left in the wood burner when the plug has been removed or if the water level is not above the hot water outlet before the fire is lit.

Important Safety Information

Safe Water Temperature - Your body temperature is generally around 37 degrees Celsius. The impact this has on your hot tub experience can be quite profound. If the water is under 37 degrees, then you may experience a slight chill. This can be a nice sensation when you want to cool off in hot weather. Alternatively, in the winter when the ambient temperature is cooler you may want to give a buffer of a few degrees above 37, this is because the hot tub will cool slowly with the cover off so if you plan on a longer soak, you will stay warm for longer! We advise that children under the age of 5 years old do not go into a hot tub. Even if you consider the high-water temperature to be safe for your child, the depth of the water is a safety risk. Infant & toddlers thin skin makes them more susceptible to overheating and they are not able to control their body temperature like adults and older children can.

Maintaining a safe water temperature in a wood fired hot tub - Most people enjoy a water temperature somewhere between 36-39 degrees Celsius. Electrically heated hot tubs have a thermostat which stops the water temperature getting dangerously high (Above 40 degrees C). This is important – if water is above this temperature, the excessive heating can cause a heart attack, heat stroke, brain damage and even death. This may sound extreme, but unlike a hot bath where the water gradually cools whilst you are bathing, the hot tub water temperature can increase. You are not fully immersed in a hot bath, the way you are in a hot tub, so your core temperature will not cool down. With a wood fired hot tub there is no thermostat and no circulation of the water, so it is important to check the floating thermometer frequently. An added complication is that the water may continue to increase in temperature even after the stove is shut down – it can get very hot! For your safety it is important that you understand how to safely manage a wood fired hot tub.

How long can you stay in a hot tub - General guidance from manufacturers says healthy adults who are not pregnant can stay in a hot tub heated to 37.8 degrees Celsius for around 15-30 minutes at a time. Any longer and you risk overheating and experiencing symptoms such as light-headedness, dizziness, or nausea. You can always add cold water to the hot tub if you find the temperature to be too hot for you. Hot Tubs are not the same as a normal bath, water does not cool as rapidly as it otherwise would be due to the firewood burning. For this reason, if you find it too hot, get out.

Safety Guidelines

  • Please ensure you have read the hot tub information sent before your arrival and detailed on the guest log in (laminated copies are in the Boot Room & Hot tub area).​
  • We ask that children are supervised at all times around the hot tub, and NEVER left unattended whilst bathing.
  • To prevent any risk from accidental drowning we advise you to ensure the lid is on the hot tub at all times when it is not in use and the steps can also be moved away from the hot tub if you have young children.
  • The stove is HOT during operation, even more so is the flue – please do not touch it when the stove is in use.
  • We would ask that ONLY adults are in control of the stove whilst it is in use and children are kept away from it for their own safety.
  • Please do not take any glassware to the hot tub area. Plastic glassware is provided for guests to use.
  • A mop & bucket is provided in the hot tub area to mop up any excess water and to help prevent any slipping on wet decking.
  • For your own safety we recommend that you don’t bath alone and that a responsible adult supervises children at all times.

Enjoy your hot tub - why is sitting in a hot tub good for you!

There are physical benefits to soaking in a hot tub, such as relaxing muscles and improving circulation. There is a definite psychological benefit that comes from taking in the views of the Peak District under the stars whilst being in an eco-friendly environment, at one with nature.

Relieving tension and stress, lowering blood pressure and inducing a good nights sleep are all benefits of being in a hot tub. Put all these together with a Peak Venues group stay, connecting with nature and catching up with family and friends – the benefits are immense!