Stoney Middleton

Stoney Middleton is a picturesque village nestled in the Derbyshire Dales within the Peak District National Park, England. It's renowned for its stunning limestone scenery, traditional stone buildings, and rich history

A little bit of history......

Stoney Middleton has a rich and varied history dating back centuries:

Roman Connections: One of its significant historical aspects is its association with the Romans. The village is believed to have been a significant site during Roman times due to the presence of caves and the Roman Baths. These baths are thought to have been used for healing purposes and were supplied by a natural spring.

Limestone Quarrying: The village's economy was heavily tied to limestone quarrying, which has been a part of its history for many years. The local limestone was used in the construction of buildings, and the quarries provided employment for the villagers.

Industrial Heritage: Stoney Middleton played a role in the development of the early British steel industry. The discovery of crucible steelmaking in the 18th century, attributed to Benjamin Huntsman, revolutionized steel production and led to significant advancements in the industry. Huntsman's work in the village contributed to this breakthrough.

Cultural Significance: The village has its cultural significance, hosting events and celebrations that highlight its heritage. Various customs and traditions have been preserved over the years, contributing to its vibrant community spirit.

Natural Beauty and Tourism: Beyond its historical significance, Stoney Middleton's stunning landscape and proximity to the Peak District have made it a popular destination for tourists seeking natural beauty and outdoor activities.

Over time, Stoney Middleton has evolved from its roots in limestone quarrying and Roman history into a charming village that cherishes its heritage while welcoming visitors eager to explore its past and enjoy its picturesque surroundings.

Walks in and around Stoney Middleton

Stoney Middleton and its surrounding areas offer some delightful walking routes that showcase the stunning scenery of the Peak District. Here are a few recommended walks:

1. Limestone Way: This long-distance trail passes through Stoney Middleton and offers a diverse landscape experience. It traverses limestone dales, picturesque villages, and beautiful countryside. You can explore sections of this trail around Stoney Middleton for shorter walks.

2. Coombs Dale: A walk through Coombs Dale provides stunning views of limestone cliffs, wildflowers, and woodland. It's a moderate walk suitable for those looking for a bit of a challenge and wonderful views.

3. Eyam Circular: Starting in the nearby village of Eyam, this circular walk takes you through history-rich landscapes, passing Eyam Hall, Riley Graves, and the Plague Cottages. The route provides both historical insight and natural beauty.

4. Monsal Trail: A short drive away, the Monsal Trail is a converted railway line offering easy and scenic walking or cycling opportunities. The trail takes you through old railway tunnels and over viaducts, providing lovely views of the Derbyshire countryside.

5. Froggatt Edge: For more adventurous walkers, Froggatt Edge offers a hike with panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and valleys. It's known for its rugged terrain and is popular among rock climbers as well.

Places to eat and drink

Stoney Middleton, despite being a small village, has a few great options for dining. Here are a couple of places you might want to consider for a meal:

The Moon Inn: This traditional English pub offers a cosy atmosphere and serves classic pub food. You can expect dishes like fish and chips, burgers, pies, and other hearty meals. The pub often has a welcoming ambiance, perfect for a relaxed meal after a day of exploring.

Curry Cottage is located in the Lovers Leap.  It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a lovely meal with beautiful scenery. You can either have a takeaway or a more formal dinner in an elegant yet comfortable ambience, where service is truly professional. In any case, it will be a little journey to India, to its flavours and colours.

You will find a wide selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, using fresh ingredients and following traditional recipes from authentic Indian cooking.

Toll Bar Fish & Chips: Probably the finest Fish & Chips in the Peak District.  An award winning fish & chips, serving since 1926 using fresh produce, cooked to order.

Enjoy the peaceful tranquillity of the Grove Garden, sat at one of the newly located picnic tables beside the crystal-clear stream running directly under the toll bar.

The Barrel Inn:  While technically not in Stoney Middleton (it's nearby in the village of Bretton), The Barrel Inn is worth a mention. It's a quintessential country pub offering delicious food and stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

The traditional Derbyshire country inn, dates back to 1597 and stands at the head of Bretton Clough, in the heart of the Peak District.  Being one of only five properties in this small hamlet, on a table of land some 1300 feet above sea level, The Barrel Inn proudly claims to be the highest pub in Derbyshire.  Its panoramic views of the majestic Hope Valley and the Peak District National Park are magnificent and on a clear day you are able to enjoy views over five counties. 

The pub serves a fine selection of well kept real ales and delicious, freshly cooked, mostly locally sourced food, every day.

Church of St Martin

Stoney Middleton is home to the Church of St. Martin, a historic Anglican church situated in the heart of the village. 

The church dates back to the 12th century, with some parts possibly even older. Its architecture showcases a mix of styles, reflecting various periods of construction and renovation throughout the centuries.

Featuring a combination of Norman, Gothic, and later architectural elements. Visitors can see the Norman tower and other medieval features alongside additions and modifications from different periods and inside, the church displays beautiful stained glass windows, intricate woodwork, and historic artifacts. Many of these elements showcase the craftsmanship and artistic skills of their respective eras.

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