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Planning A Group Stay

Planning a Group Stay


  • Group Communication – make life easier by linking everyone in your party via social media or a messenger app such as WhatsApp or a Facebook “event”. Often, answers to questions from fellow guests may be found on our general the information page of our website (select your property to view more).

  • Designate a Chief Coordinator - avoid unnecessary confusion and overlap e.g. when confirming time of arrival, amount of deposit paid and other details.

  • Set up a separate bank account – Some banks make this really easy to do online. Consider when your guests have their pay days and remind them around this time to pass on their payment to you. If you do this a few weeks before the accommodation balance is due this will help - not everyone will remember to pay you quickly.  Please note that we cannot take multiple payments from everybody in your group.

  • Create a kitty for all the basics e.g. milk and bread, round of drinks, entry into a local attraction etc

  • Decide on a room plan – who will get the best room? (the Chief Coordinator perhaps?) We need your room plan way in advance so we can organise the beds correctly – this is also helpful in avoiding en-suite envy.

  • Share chores, either by rota or by chore, so that everyone pitches in to keep the place clean and put food on the table. If possible it’s also nice to give each person a day off from chores

  • Don’t forget to take some  cancellation insurance that covers UK self-catering holidays. 

  • Give your guests the directions: Directions to all our properties are available on our website and you could also forward on the detailed directions we will email to you. Many of our properties are in beautiful, peaceful but remote, rural locations where phone signal can be limited and finding us (even with a sat nav!) can prove tricky. The post codes do not always take you to the right property, even shopping for food and drink might not be quite on your doorstep.  
    We now use 'What3Words' to find exact location on all our properties. 

  • Plan ahead for visits to local pubs and cafes If you are thinking of organising  catering  or visits to local cafes or pubs as a large group plan ahead and contact the business to discuss your plans.  Have a look at our food/drink and activities pages and contact providers early to ensure availability for larger groups. 

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