Noise and Behaviour Policy

None of our properties are advertised for rowdy parties and are all located in peaceful settings such as villages, residential areas, and rural situations. The properties on our portfolio can be booked for low-key gatherings and relaxed stays only. All guests must always show consideration to the environment and the local community.

Please read the Noise and Behaviour Policy below so that you and your fellow guests are fully informed of our expectations before your stay.

To read our full detailed terms and conditions, please follow this link. 

Your group must agree to always behave considerately to the neighbours and local communities and respect their privacy and peace.

  • Strictly NO late-night noise outside or external socialising after the time specified on the individual property listing under house rules
  • You must limit any loud music playing inside so it cannot be heard outside
  • Outside noise should be kept to a minimum level when neighbours are close to your venue. It is not permitted to take radios, sounds systems or other sources of music outside 
  • Please do not book a property with us if you expect to combine it with a city night out. Coming back in the early morning hours can cause noise disturbance even if you are trying to be quiet
  • We do not allow the hire of hot tubs, live bands, PA systems and discos, marquees or gazebos, and we do not allow you to bring your own
  • Strictly no fireworks or Chinese lanterns – these are not countryside friendly as we have lots of livestock in the Peak District
  • Disposable BBQ's, firepits and outside fires are not permitted due to the fire risk they pose
  • Smoking, using e-cigarettes, vaping and illegal drug use in any part of the Property is strictly forbidden. Doing so may result in additional charges and/or you being asked to leave the Property.
  • You must confirm the exact number of guests staying in the property and that no additional guests are allowed at the venue
  • If you hire or book an activity provider/caterer please double check with us that the property you have booked is suitable for your plans
  • If you would like to decorate the inside of the property, please do so with appropriate adhesive which does not leave marks on the walls or pulls off the paint when removed
  • Please refrain from putting up banners on the outside of the properties, particularly if you are in a village location, on a shared venue or have neighbours nearby
  • No glitter please, as even the most eco-friendly kind is impossible to remove from the soft furnishings and floors
  • A Security Deposit is charged on all bookings, if there is extra cleaning above and beyond our generous allocation for a normal clean, we have the right to retain an agreed fee from your security deposit for any work carried out for excessive cleaning
  • We understand that planning a group stay is a big responsibility. If you are the person designated to book your holiday on behalf of a large group, we suggest you forward this document to all your guests attending so that everyone who attends fully understands the Noise and Behaviour Policy

If you are happy with the above policy, we look forward to accepting your booking and hosting your stay.