The Peak District Packing List

Need some help with what to pack for your weekend away walking in the Peaks then see our recommended list of useful things to pack.  It is your responsibility to take whatever you feel is necessary. 

The good news is that you do not need to carry everything, only what you will need for your planned days out and about, and the rest can be left securely at your Peak Venues property. 


Layering up is essential during the colder months in the Peak District, and a good breathable material is recommended, as well as wearing light-coloured, loose-fitting clothes in natural fabrics, so you don't overheat in the warmer months.

  • Hiking shirt or t-shirt
  • Walking Trousers
  • Long Sleeve Base Layer
  • Windproof Jacket - You will be exposed to the elements at times so a good, quality jacket that is windproof is essential on this trip. One with a fleece liner and is waterproof, with a hood which is handy in the rain!
  • Fleece top          
  • Gloves  
  • Buff or neck gaiter          
  • Hat – A lightweight cap for warmer months and a beanie hat for chillier weather
  • Merino Wool Socks
  • Waterproof Trousers 
  • Sunglasses that shield your face and eyes from the sun ( a good UV protection) 


  • Rucksack - or daypack with more comfortable straps                                 
  • Nordic Poles / Trekking Poles for added stability and support, depending on the type of terrain  
  • Water bottle or hydration bladder - Some form of water-carrying system is essential.  Or pickup a bottle of Buxton Water in the area
  • Pack Rain Cover - keep your rucksack dry on those wet days
  • Lightweight Gaiters – Just like socks. They are not waterproof, but they will keep debris from getting into your shoes which helps prevent blisters
  • Dry bags – Great to keep your clothes and other items dry inside your pack. Even large ziplock bags will do the job. Store your extra fleeces, and a layer of clothes, electronics etc in a dry bag

Essential Bits

  • Wallet/Purse/Cash - There are limited places to get cash out in the Peak District. Most places will accept cards / contactless payments but always handy to carry some cash too
  • Walking shoes/boots – Ones that suit you perfectly and are comfortable for the trails in the Peak District, you could purchase some while here and try on for the best fit
  • Spare lightweight shoes – The weather might be nice enough for some lightweight comfortable trainers on an easy-going trail
  • Blister Kit – A typical blister kit comprises of x 2 packs of Compeed, sewing kit, and a roll of moleskin tape and a few plasters
  • Ibrobrufen - Essential on any backpacking trip
  • Nail Clippers - Travel nail clippers are another staple - all walkers should keep their nails short when on a trail, or face the dreaded black toe nails! 
  • Sunscreen - essential for any outdoor activity throughout the whole year
  • Lipsil/Lipbalm - Another staple. If it is very cold, or very hot then lip balm always comes in handy, look for ones with SPF for the summer months
  • Hand Sanitizer – Travel size hand sanitizer which you can attach to the outside of your pack or in your pocket
  • Toilet Roll - Camping loo roll or small packets of handy toilet tissue always come in handy
  • Map and compass is handy - you never know when you might have to change track, or end up stranded if you can't find an alternative route


  • Mobile Phone - Use as a Kindle, camera, navigation, and vlog recorder (and much more!).
  • UK USB Plug
  • Power Pack – Some have a built-in charger for Apple Watch etc and will charge watches and mobile phones multiple times.
  • Charging Cable
  • Earphones - Bring a pair of earphones with you if you like music/audiobooks or podcasts. Sometimes if you are feeling a bit challenged on the trail, plugging yourself in is a good distraction.


  • Journal – Journal your thoughts and record your adventures to create memories of your time in the Peak District
  • Guidebook / Map - Please remember your guidebook and map, always important!
  • Penknife – Handy penknife to cut any loose threads, sticks and cheese more than anything else. If you have one with a corkscrew then you will soon become very popular on any trail!
  • Pens – Always handy               
  • Pack of cards - Everyone loves a game of cards
  • Laundry Bag - A little luxury to separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes.
  • Foldable waterproof picnic blanket for those mid-walk, pit-stop snacks

See our Peak District Weather Blog for information on the Peak District weather and see current live weather updates and our Walking Page for walking ideas

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