Hen and Stag Policy

Hen and Stag Policy

The Peak District is a fabulous place to enjoy a relaxed gathering and we welcome Stag or Hen groups to many of our more rural properties. Please read our Stag/Hen policy below so that you and your fellow guests are fully informed of our expectations.

None of our properties cater for rowdy house parties. Our properties work really well for low key celebrations and relaxed weekends. Many properties are primarily residential accommodation and the applicable house rules must be respected at all times, otherwise you may be asked to leave.

Strictly NO noise outside or external socialising after 10pm. We expect neighbours and local residents not to be disturbed after this time.  We also do not allow, the hire of hot tubs, live bands, PA systems and discos.

It is essential that you confirm the exact number of guests that will be staying in the property and no additional guests are allowed at the venue without our prior permission. This is due to insurance, Peak Park restrictions, over loading the property, noise, parking, communal/dining space etc.

A Damage Deposit is charged on all groups bookings and refunded after your stay.

We are very proud and delighted to provide lovely venues for you to book and enjoy. Please treat the accommodation with respect and leave it as you found it. Just some helpful hints that help you avoid excessive cleaning charges:

  • If you would like to decorate the inside of the property, please do so with appropriate adhesive which does not leave marks on the walls or pulls off the paint when removed.
  • Cookers need to be left clean
  • Dirty dishes to be washed and put away.
  • Food cupboards and fridge/freezers to be cleared out.
  • Bins and recycling to be put out etc.

If there is extra cleaning above and beyond our very generous allocation for a normal clean, we have the right to retain an agreed fee for any work carried out for excessive cleaning and this will be at the Owner's discretion.

If you are considering booking any activity/caterer during your stay, we can supply a list of recommendations and will make a note of the company visiting. Please double check with us that the activity/caterer you have booked is suitable for the property that you have booked to make sure that issues such as access, external space, cooking facilities etc is sufficient.

The Peak District is a beautiful location to stay in, please do not book a property with us if you are expecting to combine it with a city night
out - coming back in the early hours of the morning can cause noise disturbance even if you are trying to be quiet!

Please refrain from putting up banners on the outside of the properties particularly if you are in a village location, on a shared venue or
have neighbours nearby.

Your group must agree to behave in a considerate way to the people living near the property, (especially in the village locations) and to respect their privacy and peace at all times.

Strictly no fireworks or Chinese Lanterns – these are not countryside friendly as we have lots of livestock in the Peak District.

Please only confirm a booking in one of our stag/hen friendly properties – we make it very clear which these are!

We understand that planning a hen and stag stay is a big responsibility and if you are the person designated to book your holiday on behalf of a large group, we suggest that you forward this document on to all your guests attending so that everyone who attends fully understands the terms and conditions too.

If you are happy with the above policy we look forward to accepting your booking and hosting your stay!